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About GS1

GS1 barcodes and standards change the way business is done around the world.

What We Do

GS1 Namibia empowers digital evolutions by enabling businesses across industries in Namibia and over 115 countries to create online versions of inventory that is as persuasive as experiencing physical products in person, allowing for global and local partnerships to be formed.

GS1 Namibia exclusively issues unique barcodes (GTINS) to products, while overseeing the process for local retailers to be listed on the Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN), which is an enriched data platform powered by Trusted Source, thereby connecting brands with buyers and people with products. Businesses, consumers, patients, partners, and regulators benefit from increased transparency and a seamless product experience that gives tangibility and traceability to the digital world of product data, ensuring each brand around the world in every industry speaks the same language, in a manner that is localised and interconnected.

Our Benefits

Businesses of every size need unique identifiers like barcodes such as a GTIN, a GLNS, an SSCC and more, so as to identify and sell their products in stores or online correctly. The power of organised data captured and shared through GS1 helps solve complex challenges on both global and local scales.

Increase the speed of global & local operation

Reduce cost, errors and waste both online & off.

Protect all stakeholders from supplier to end-user

Optimise access to reliable product data

Simplify the sourcing & selling of products.

Improve experiences with data across industries.

Our Global Network

GS1 is a neutral, global network that brings industries, government, academia, regulators and associations together with collaborative platforms to develop solution-based standards that address the challenges of modern data exchange for each unique business sector.

GS1 has local member organisations in 115 countries, working directly with over two million companies to ensure a common language of business worldwide and across every industry from retail to healthcare, while assisting over six billion transactions daily.